Teaching Bajao to Become Self-Sufficient

Organic farming was initiated to help the ministry become more financially independent. We hope and pray that one day this farm will support this ministry.

In 2016 we purchased 5 acres of land to teach the Bajao to grow some of their own organic food. We taught those who were not college-bound how to clear, irrigate, and farm organic crops and care for chickens and goats so they could be employed by S E R V and local farmers.

Still other Bajao were taught the basics of construction and electrical work so they are able to be employed in construction.

Upon hearing about how our farm is growing, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries recently offered to partner with us to turn our working farm into a teaching farm to teach local Filipinos our successful farming techniques. In addition to supporting their families, our local staff members are contributing to their community and making an impact on their nation.