Support Our Work

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”
– Hebrews 13:16

How You or Your Church Can Help

Please consider praying for our work. Please pray for our ministry and for the Bajao people that we serve in the Philippines.

Your church can support a specific project or incorporate our ministry into your church missions. Through your partnership, you and your church can demonstrate Christ’s love by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of some of the most marginalized people in the world: the Bajao tribal people of the Philippines.

Contact us for more information.

  • Supporting SERV Ministries
    Through your donations and prayers, you can help us deliver CARE and HOPE to the Bajao “untouchables” who have been raised to think their lives are insignificant.
  • Providing food, clothing, and education
    Bajao children, who would never otherwise have the opportunity to go to school and learn how to become productive members of Philippine society, rely on your provision. Just $35 will care for one child for one month — helping to feed, educate, and bring the hope of Jesus to our Bajao friends who so desperately need hope for a future. Donate NOW to save a child from a lifetime of starvation and poverty.
  • Sending medical supplies and health workers
    Poverty zones are in great need of medical supplies and health workers to treat people. The Bajao are still forced to live in poverty, with poor hygiene, and have many health-related issues.
children praying

Ways to Donate

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matt 22:39

Change a Life forever…with a little more than $1 a day!

Feed a child for $35 a month and change a life forever.
Make a Miracle Happen for Someone Who’s Suffering!

Join the SERV Ministries family
When you become a SERV Ministries Angel, you joining a group of caring, compassionate folks who commit to giving consistently to rescue members of our beloved Bajao tribal family.

When You Become a SERV Ministries Angel You:

  • Enjoy set-it-and-forget-it convenience when you give.
  • Share a bond with other SERV Ministries Angels – people who care about those who are impoverished and marginalized.
  • Further the cause of Christ, making His love visible to heal our broken world.

Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Many companies will match their employees’ and/or retirees’ donations to charitable organizations – like SERV Ministries! It’s an easy way to see your gift become even more powerful when a corporate matching gift is added.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your donation to make an even BIGGER impact on the Bajao by taking advantage of your company’s corporate matching gift program… and give them hope for a better, brighter future.

How Corporate Matching Gift Programs Work:

  1. An employee submits their donation along with their employer’s matching gift form to SERV Ministries (either in written or digital form – each company is different).
  2. SERV Ministries completes the matching gift form, verifies the employee’s donation and returns the form to the corporation.
  3. The corporation matches the employee’s donation based on the corporate’s matching ratio (some companies will double, triple or even quadruple the amount)

Have Questions About your Donation or Need More Information?
Send an email to our SERV Ministry team.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide CARE and HOPE to the Bajao “untouchables” who have been raised to think their lives are insignificant.